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Shelties in Performance

AGILITY - One of the fastest growing dog sports. It is a true partnership activity with dog and owner. It also produces a closer bond and understanding between the two.

HERDING - Back to the roots. Many dogs in the herding breed group are making a comeback to their original purpose. Shelties are no exception. They are found working competitively right along with Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and many others in herding trials today.

OBEDIENCE - Shelties are extremely oriented to pleasing their owner. One of the most trainable breeds, Shelties excel in obedience competition. Their sensitive nature makes it necessary to train with a gentle, loving approach.

TRACKING - Shelties have proven you don't have to have a "hound's nose" to track. This is another area where many have earned titles in competition.

THERAPY DOGS - Shelties make wonderful therapy dogs.