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In Remembrance

This is our "Remembrance" page, dedicated to some of the special Shelties of our members who have finished their journeys here. Although they are only with us for a short time, our lives will never be the same. They will never be forgotten and will forever live in our hearts. We thank them for their unconditional love and patience. We look forward to the day that we will all be reunited, never again to be parted.

"If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
I would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again."

Cheyenne (Age unknown. She departed on 7/18/2014) .... Cheyenne was a rescue dog. She spent the last 18 months of her life loving and being loved by Dee French. She will be remembered for her sweetness and loyalty by all. Photo

UKC Ch Montrose Maxima (Max) (5/22/2009 - 6/17/2014) .... Loved and greatly missed by Betty Talley. Photo

Am/Can/Int Ch. Wynstone Montrose O Ryan (Ryan) (2/6/1998 - 1/22/2012) .... The perfect gentlemen and my heart dog. He is missed everyday. - Loved by Betty Talley. Photo

"Sunny" (Left us in June 2011) .... Another rescue, bringing joy into our lives for 15 1/2 years - Loved and cherished by Lynn and Jim Erckmann. She could wrap her neck around her ball and throw it, then herd it as it rolled along. Photo

"Babe" (2/19/1998 - 10/04/2009) ....Our little rescue girl was only with us for 7 months, but she had a grand time and was loved to the end - Lynn and Jim Erckmann. Photo

Stonecrest Rave Review, "Dillon," a master at agility with many titles. See a tribute by his Mom. "Tribute to Dillon" (3/14/1993 - 8/11/2009)...."Beloved companion of Peggy Grass for over 16 years" Photo

Stonecrest's "Chance" of Rain, CD, MX, AXJ (5/04/1994 - 9/24/2008)...."A sweet, gentle & loving friend, loved and missed by Emily Anderson." Photo

"Zoe" of Crescendo (Chloe's last little girl, followed her sister, Karli, 7 months later). (12/23/1997 - 5/27/2007) ....Gone too soon. Deeply loved and missed by the Vascovitz - Conklin families and Mom, Trella. Photo

Bluebelle Viking "Prince" (10/09/1997 - 05/16/1007) ...."Gone far too soon. My very special little tri, a Sheltie of many performance titles." Loved and missed by Dee French. Photo

Int. Ch. Glenroy's The Alchemist, "Lachlan" (1/28/1999 - 12/20/2006) ....Taken too young. Deeply loved by Rhonda Woods. Photo

"Karli" of Crescendo (12/23/1997 - 10/17/2006) .... Chloe's little girl, taken far too soon. Deeply loved and missed by the Vacanti family and Mom, Trella. Photo

Int. Ch. Fourwinds Face of Crescendo, OAP, OJP, "Chloe" (12/11/1992 - 6/13/2006) ...."Chloe, They just don't come any better! My once in a lifetime girl." Deeply loved and missed by Trella Hastings. Photo

Hunden (1995 - 12/26/2004) ....Loved by Ron and Martha Carlson. Photo

Crescendo's Face the Music, "Solo" (12/01/1990 - 11/04/2004) ....Solo, My tough little girl, fighting to the end. Till we meet again. Deeply loved by Trella Hastings. Photo

Talley Mac (Talley) (7/10/1990 - 10/27/2004)....Loved by Lynn Erckmann

Star (12/1987 - 5/10/2004) ....Loved by Martha Carlson

Harbor Lite Frankly My Way, CDX, MX, AXJ, OAP, AXP, AAD, FDCH, OJC, OAC (6/6/1996 - 3/20/2004) ...."Franky, my handsome dude." Loved by Dee French. Photo

Bluebelle "Rowdy" McDowdy, CDX, OA, FDCH, CGC (10/31/89 - 10/28/03)....Loved by Dee French.

Harbor Lite Kayman Blue, "Kemi" (4/11/1991 - 5/2/2003)....Loved by Dee French.

U-CDX Stonecrest Casablanca, "Bogey", Am/Can CDX, OA, OAJ, NAP, EAC, EAC vet, OJC, EJC vet, OGC, CGC (8/22/1990 - 5/2/2003) ....Loved by Martha Carlson. Photo

U-CD Shasta's Mountain Dew, "Dewey", Am/Can CD, Am TD, CGC (5/1/1987 - 3/30/2003) ....Loved by Martha Carlson. photo

U-CD Windgold Eighteen Wheeler, "Semi", Am UDT, MX, AXJ; VCD2, NAP, Can CDX, TD, AAD, RM, ADC, EAC, EGC, EJC-V (6/30/1989 - 4/16/2003)....Loved by Jo Ann Mather Photo

HC Earl's High "Spirit", UD, HTDIII, ATDsd (2/20/1989 - 4/28/2003) ....Loved by Vicki Chalk. Photo

Myhobi's A Country Sensation, "Reba", CD, TD, OA, NAJ (5/18/1992 - 4/15/2003)....Loved by Jo Ann Mather.

Ch. Stonecrest Echo on the Wind (Echo) (?? - Feb.2003)....Loved by Joan Cook.